we've got to getaway from all the silly things that haunt us...

these are things that i'd like to do while living in nanaimo:

-take up yoga again, at least on a semi-regular basis
-learn how to silkscreen
-start up a show on CHLY
-start collaging/making things again
-maybe learn how to paint
-meet new people who inspire me
-learn how to drive
-take at least 300 pictures of the ocean
-eat healthier on a regular basis
-relax, de-stress, and become a more positive person
-figure out what i want to do with my life


let's go back to the coast, baby, westward to the ocean...

two things really quickly:

1] i have put in my notice at the radio station, and am moving at the end of the month. so, in less than two weeks.

paul got a job at a station in nanaimo as an announcer/producer, so we're moving to the island on march 1st! i don't know what i'm going to do yet, but i'm okay with that. i'm done with industry radio for now though, and welcome a change. i feel like this is what i've needed for a few years now, and i'm glad it came along at a good time.

2] i found mother mother's new album online, leaked a few weeks before it's supposed to come out. i'm conflicted. i've been listening to it on repeat since i found it this afternoon, but i feel terrible about it. should i ask the site to remove it until it comes out? or just keep it a secret?

truth be told though, i'm not in love with it. which breaks my heart. i feel like they've lost their magic. there are a couple of amazing songs, but overall, it can't hold a candle to the first two. maybe a few more listens will make me fall for it... i hope...


you won't believe just how good it can get...

had such a wonderful day at work yesterday! i am so happy i've stayed on at lush - it's not even work! it's just lovely getting to hang out with neat people, and talk to customers about products and things i adore. and sometimes, sell them something that may change their lives!

i also found out that i'm on the roster for the dustbowl invitational in bakersfield, CA. it's not a league sanctioned event, but hey, these are my only chances to bout, so fuck yeah i'm going to take them when they come up! plus i get a trip out to california to play against some really badass ladies? i'm super excited! hopefully we can make it work. it's at the end of march, so time to clean up the skates and pull out the gold bouting shorts!

also, a lovely lady who was heavily involved in derby and the burlesque scene in prince george just moved here and joined the tarts - and she wants to start up a spring burlesque show. a bunch of us from the team have signed up to go to the meeting this coming weekend. i'm still trying to decide if it's something i for sure want to do, but i think it's really fascinating and would love to learn more and get involved with it in some way.

i have another thing i'm hoping for too that could be potentially amazing, but i won't divulge until it comes true. don't want to jinx it of course!