why i love radio pt. 1

while every station i've ever worked at, and every station i will work at in the future, has experienced this problem, this is probably the best station-wide email about it i've ever read:

Hey everyone,

There appears to be a tiny bit of confusion in regards to how the kitchen works on the third floor as I found the cupboard packed with dirty cups and dishes with coffee spilled everywhere. (gasp!)

I cleaned it up, but thought I'd offer a few tips to help stem the confusion...

First, if you spot dirty dishes: don't panic! There is an emergency dishwasher located under the counter. (You can spot it by its emergency white colour.)

If full - and this is important - take stock of whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty. If clean, do not pack dirty dishes into the clean dishwasher! This will only make things worse!

At this point, it may seem logical to stuff the dirty dishes into the next available hole - the cupboard!

Although I admire your can-do attitude - the best way to handle it is to replace clean dishes in the dishwasher with dirty ones by placing the clean ones in the cupboard.

By following these tips - you can help make a difference!


i love my coworkers.