She gonna stalk you like a feline...

I know it's kind of shameful of me, working in radio and all, but I have to admit - I kind of love talking to famous people. I'm from a small town, what can I say? I've met some pretty cool people through radio, and after concerts, and once at a grocery store I worked at, but my new favourite thing is Twitter.

I finally figured out its use. For so long I felt like I was talking into space, into a void, so I deleted my account and moved on. It kept getting spammed anyways, so no great loss. I got a new one again a few years ago and let it sit covered in dust for a while until this year I decided to actually give it a try. 

Let me regale you with my Twitter exploits. 

For a while I was using it as just another place to post Instagram pictures. And then this happened:

THE Neil Codling. From Suede. Told me that my newly done Suede tattoo looked amazing, and then RETWEETED the picture. Completely unprecedented. I didn't even know that was a thing that could happen.

I'm completely shameless about how much I love this. I bring it up every few #tbt's or so, just because.

Then part two:

Me and my favourite member of Suede just having a chat on the internet. I'm pretty sure I texted my Mom when this happened. 

I had been scouring their CD booklets in some bid for amateur handwriting analysis (Brett Anderson has written the titles and liner notes for nearly everything) and looking for any mention online about the artwork for the albums - besides that most were done by Peter Saville. Obviously there wasn't a whole lot about this single, so finding out for sure, from a pretty reputable source, who's handwriting was on me for the rest of my life was pretty fortuitous. Should I have done that first? Maybe.

Moving on... 

That one favourite on there? That's Mother Mother. They read my comment and apparently they liked it. That's awesome! I've been wanting to say things like this to bands for years, let them know how much I appreciate their music. And apparently this is a thing I can do.

Then I got the chance to get involved in something bigger, and let my (somewhat) local aquarium know how much I supported them when they were on the brink of a somewhat potentially disastrous ruling thanks to that contentious Blackfish documentary

There was more, but that was the first RT from them. There's not a lot I could do from where I live besides be a slacktivist, but I am pretty passionate about the issue and have been ceaselessly arguing in their favour. Having them know they have support against the wave of ridiculousness they were forced to deal with, even if I was just a little drop in the bucket, made me happy. It's such a little thing, but it's inspiring to know that maybe I'm really not just talking into a void after all!

And then I talked with Hawksley Workman about cats.

I got a bit of good news about a film that I've been dying to see:

Which brings me to this afternoon, when I got to have a good, real-talk conversation about a topical current event issue with my favourite artist:

This is completely real life. I love Twitter. I love being able to connect with some people who mean a lot in my life and be able to make an impact on theirs in some tiny way. There's no longer that feeling of insignificance. One of my favourite bands, who lives half a world away and probably has no clue about the place where I live, has seen the tattoo I got based on one of their songs (and apparently in their lead singer's handwriting!). 

That's really rad.