my bank account is a shoebox in the ground and empty...

i went to the mall on the weekend! it's a bit too far away that i don't get out there very often, so it's kind of a treat when i do get to go. i loaded up on some lovely lush products, grabbed a new roll of skull tape for my skates, and found some wonderful new shoes!!

these ones:

and these ones to replace my current "well-loved" black ballet flats:

i bought paul an enormous peanut butter cup from rocky mountain chocolate factory called a "tiger butter cup". i think he really enjoyed it.

when i was at the mall, i was also offered a potential part-time position over the christmas holidays. i won't say where because i don't want to jinx it, but i am thinking of applying. they asked me to bring in my resume in early october, so i'll post more when there's more information :)

now that it's getting cooler, i want to try baking some more. i found a really delicious recipe for ginger molasses cookies that i would love to try here. they've become a staple of my morning walks to the coffee shop and i think it would be really nice to have my apartment smelling like spicy ginger molasses!


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i did it!

i got my tattoo done on thursday and it turned out WONDERFULLY!! i had it done by erin burge at gas pedals tattoo here in kelowna and she did an amazing job. she had to revise it a little bit to work as a tattoo, but i think it actually looks better than the original picture.

more pics after the jump!


so take your parasites away, and keep them somewhere far from me...

i'm torn.

i've been reading an industry-specific forum recently, and noticed a professor that taught for a semester of my 2nd year at college is a regular poster. this guy was brought in to fill-in, as our usual professor was off to complete his dissertation, and wasn't necessarily a long-standing member of the staff.

in one thread [which was originally about the stewart centre fire here in kelowna. huh.] the members start a dialogue about rookie graduates working in industry, and good ol' prof chimes in... appallingly.

in a series of long posts, he summarizes his experience working at BCIT and a couple of schools out east through the 70s/80s to recently, with heavy emphasis on things "nowadays". i was a second-year student in 2008, so i surmise the majority of his reference was directed towards his time in vancouver, given the inferences in his little diatribe.

it was insulting, to say the least. apparently his experience was that the students were all uncooperative & egotistical- expecting a middays gig in vancouver upon completion of the program, approaching each project with little to no effort, and injecting the typical youth apathy & over-inflated self-awareness into all aspects of the learning process.

not exactly the impression i got when i ACTUALLY WENT TO SCHOOL WITH THESE PEOPLE.

unfortunately [fortunately?] i didn't get the opportunity to learn under the tutelage of this charmer, as i co-oped out of the program in 4th term [for a job in north alberta. HORRORS! it's not vancouver!!], and dealt with him mainly through handing in a documentary for assignment, which i recall getting an abysmal mark on. no worries. given that i was one of the only two people who were able to co-op out, and i produced it all remotely, with no assistance, while doing my other schoolwork through correspondence on top of my industry job & a second, supplementary-income job, i'll take it. i've somehow ended up with a nice position at one of the big companies in kelowna so apparently it all turned out ok :)

i'm insulted though that rather than concentrating effort into doing his job as an instructor & ensuring a positive learning outcome for each and every student, he instead took a position of superiority and saw my classmates and subsequent classes as basically a group of lazy no-goods. i'm also disgusted by the fact that he felt it fit to post negative generalizations about the students he was put in a position to mentor on a message board that's frequented by people with great insight into the industry.

this is where i'm torn. i want to reply to this. it's unfair that someone in his position is allowed to post this kind of rubbish without being held to task. i have a membership to the board and a carefully worded letter, but i'm worried that posting it would be the patented Career Limited Move. It's not like I'm calling him a raging butthole or anything, but I want to ensure that my position on the experience is noted as well as his. I feel he should be held in check given the fact he was hired as an instructor, not an internet critic. But would showing up my teacher on the forum be a good move?

I just don't want the industry elders to think the new generation of graduates are a bunch of entitled lazybones -who feel a major-market job better be waiting for them as soon as they receive the diploma- based on this man's lengthy and poorly punctuated "observations". however, they are already nodding in agreement, and thanking him for his insight. ARGH!!

i've included my letter below the jump, which i haven't sent off to forum-land just yet...

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i need a touch up (pt 2)...

my appointment has been set for august 19th at 3pm. gives me a little time to get used to the idea! i'll finally be able to get my little birdie!!

but now the guy i spoke with at the shop when i made the appointment scared into my brain that it could end up becoming a big blob later down the road due to the fine details. oh no! i don't want that!!

the girl who will be tattooing me had a look at it and hopefully she can come up with a solution. it shouldn't be too bad, right? right?

if all else fails, i have another little carson ellis birdie that i would love:

not the naked baby part, no. but the birdie on the right with the worm in his mouth. i'd want him, sans-worm, surrounded by some of the twigs & blossoms from the print just as a line drawing.

keeping the options open. keeping it real.


i need a touch up...

getting nervous....

my sister made an appointment yesterday at a tattoo shop in the mission for both of us to get tattoos. she ended up going to a different place this morning but this evening's appointment still stands open. i really like the artists there, the rate's really good, and i've been researching places lately [including a trip up to vernon over the weekend] to get one done that i've wanted for ages. so why not take advantage, right?


thinking about it, and actually doing it, are two different things. i've wanted this particular one for a while, and made myself sit on it to make sure it's exactly what i wanted. i'm still in love with it so i recently decided to latch on to other people who were actively looking into getting one done to give me the motivation to get in there. even after watching my sister get hers done this morning and realize that it's not THAT scary, i'm still on the fence about going tonight.

this is what i'm thinking of:

it's a painting by carson ellis, who's my favourite artist. i also love birds very much and think it's a perfect fit for me [minus the coloured background & cyrillic, obviously]. i'd like to get it on the front of my upper arm. highly visible, but i work in an industry that doesn't care. the fact that it's highly visible is probably what's making me extra cautious, but i couldn't stand not being able to see it!!

i have an hour & 4 minutes to decide now...