why i love my coworkers pt 2.

Danny: "I'm changing my attitude. It's no longer going to be NOvember. Instead it's going to be YESvember!"

sounds good to me.

what a terrible month october's been, work-wise. i've been so busy that i haven't been able to go to practice. i've been staying up late to write ads at home. it got unhealthy.

it's the busiest month of the year though, which means november should - WILL - quiet down and i'll be able to think again.

by the way, that part time job i mentioned applying for a month or so ago? i got it! i'm now one of the new christmas sales associates at lush cosmetics! it'll be my third time working at lush, and i'm looking forward to it. it doesn't feel like work at all - it feels like i'm getting paid to tell people about stuff i love. i can get behind that!


we never meant to stay here, we were here for the gold, here for the gold...

I promise honey that when we get paid
We'll pack our things and we'll move away
A thousand miles from this frozen lake
We'll find a place where we both can stay
We'll find a city with a million people
Find an apartment where the rent is real low
We'll disappear and no one will notice
How about it darling?
We could both live downtown