blue skies + rain clouds

good news and bad...

i passed my WFTDA skills test. that was the last holdout too, so now that i've passed my skills test, endurance test, and written test, i am fully WFTDA certified!

also, i found out that my derby name, holly go-blightly, was approved. it is now my name for life! awesome. i was worried about it being rejected because it's similar to a few other girls' in the states but it all worked out.

the bad news though is that i didn't make the bout roster for the aug 14th home double header bout. i know my family was looking forward to seeing me, and i was really hoping now that i'm certified i could work my way on the list. there will be others. it just means another month of fielding "are you skating in it? why aren't you skating!??" type questions though.

can't win 'em all.

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