ugly duckling you're drowning...

i feel so uninspired lately.

don't get me wrong, kelowna is nice, but i miss vancouver. i miss my vancouver friends, i miss feeling inspired to craft and put together interesting outfits. i miss going to shows every week. i miss record stores, i miss downtown, and i miss the ocean.

we've managed to find things to do here, i have made friends through derby and work, but every time i go back to vancouver, see my lovelies, and go do interesting things like poetry slams, late night house parties & vintage shopping, i know it's not the same.

it feels like there's endless opportunity in vancouver, whereas here we have to fight hard to keep from getting complacent.

we're all pretty grumpy lately too. i think it's the heat, really. it's been in the 30s every day and there's a perpetual haze of smoke in the air. it's a little discouraging after a while when it's so warm for so many days in a row. hopefully it breaks soon!

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