oh my, you are a handful...

day 3 of the roller derby workout challenge. my legs are sore, i'm irritable, and really hungry all the time.

okay it's not all bad, but having to stick to a meal plan is turning out to be more difficult than i imagined. i'm used to bringing a lunch made up of a bunch of delicious items such as muffins, fruit snacks, granola bars, and various fruit; then snacking on them throughout the day. this meal plan has complete breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, with two tiny snacks a day - and one of those snacks i need to save until after my workout. i know it's worth it, but makes me hungry & grumbly! and no sugar makes me a sad girl

the workouts have been killing too. i'm not going to bother with the ones they've prescribed, because all they are is this: 20 squats, 60 sec plank, 20 lunges right leg, 20 lunges left leg, 60 sec plank, 20 pushups, 30 sec plank - then repeat 5 times! no thanks. not only does it suck, but it's really boring, and i know i will not have the motivation to do it on a continuous basis. so i switched to doing EA sports active workouts, making sure to focus on the same muscle groups as well as cardio. MY LEGS ARE NOW SO SORE I CAN'T WALK! ugh. i hope they get good and strong soon and this passes.

so week one of the roller derby workout challenge so far = grrr.

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