i need a touch up...

getting nervous....

my sister made an appointment yesterday at a tattoo shop in the mission for both of us to get tattoos. she ended up going to a different place this morning but this evening's appointment still stands open. i really like the artists there, the rate's really good, and i've been researching places lately [including a trip up to vernon over the weekend] to get one done that i've wanted for ages. so why not take advantage, right?


thinking about it, and actually doing it, are two different things. i've wanted this particular one for a while, and made myself sit on it to make sure it's exactly what i wanted. i'm still in love with it so i recently decided to latch on to other people who were actively looking into getting one done to give me the motivation to get in there. even after watching my sister get hers done this morning and realize that it's not THAT scary, i'm still on the fence about going tonight.

this is what i'm thinking of:

it's a painting by carson ellis, who's my favourite artist. i also love birds very much and think it's a perfect fit for me [minus the coloured background & cyrillic, obviously]. i'd like to get it on the front of my upper arm. highly visible, but i work in an industry that doesn't care. the fact that it's highly visible is probably what's making me extra cautious, but i couldn't stand not being able to see it!!

i have an hour & 4 minutes to decide now...

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