my bank account is a shoebox in the ground and empty...

i went to the mall on the weekend! it's a bit too far away that i don't get out there very often, so it's kind of a treat when i do get to go. i loaded up on some lovely lush products, grabbed a new roll of skull tape for my skates, and found some wonderful new shoes!!

these ones:

and these ones to replace my current "well-loved" black ballet flats:

i bought paul an enormous peanut butter cup from rocky mountain chocolate factory called a "tiger butter cup". i think he really enjoyed it.

when i was at the mall, i was also offered a potential part-time position over the christmas holidays. i won't say where because i don't want to jinx it, but i am thinking of applying. they asked me to bring in my resume in early october, so i'll post more when there's more information :)

now that it's getting cooler, i want to try baking some more. i found a really delicious recipe for ginger molasses cookies that i would love to try here. they've become a staple of my morning walks to the coffee shop and i think it would be really nice to have my apartment smelling like spicy ginger molasses!

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