i need a touch up (pt 2)...

my appointment has been set for august 19th at 3pm. gives me a little time to get used to the idea! i'll finally be able to get my little birdie!!

but now the guy i spoke with at the shop when i made the appointment scared into my brain that it could end up becoming a big blob later down the road due to the fine details. oh no! i don't want that!!

the girl who will be tattooing me had a look at it and hopefully she can come up with a solution. it shouldn't be too bad, right? right?

if all else fails, i have another little carson ellis birdie that i would love:

not the naked baby part, no. but the birdie on the right with the worm in his mouth. i'd want him, sans-worm, surrounded by some of the twigs & blossoms from the print just as a line drawing.

keeping the options open. keeping it real.

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